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Online Marketing

There is so much competition on the web so it is important to optimise your website in order to attract the right visitors and ensuring they are engaged with your site and stick around to find out what you can offer them.

We want everyone to see your website, and by utilising our online Marketing services we can help your website become more visible to these potential new customers and get more people to engage with your brand.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is the key to search engine results and effective SEO can offer excellent organic results in all the major search engines. Our SEO method included the creation of keyword dense pages, strategic link building and online PR which is linked with our out of the box SEO techniques which are part of our standard service when developing your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

For a more targeted online marketing campaign it may be a better approach to utilise the Pay Per Click services available such as Google AdWords and Overture. PPC marketing allows you to bid for phrases that potential customers use when they search for products or services on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. If the user sees an advertisement that takes their interest then they will click on the link to visit that supplier and it is only at that stage that clicks are charged. PPC is marketing is directly linked to performance which makes both very powerful but it also makes it equally dangerous if it is not managed correctly.

We manage your PPC campaigns by optimising your budget, ensuring the correct keywords are selected and continuously monitored to ensure underperforming phrases are refined or even removed to achieve the optimum performance and Return on Investment. We also set and track conversions so we not only see the effectiveness of the keywords and ads from a search level but also if those keywords and ads convert into enquiries or sales.


The key to any successful online marketing campaign is the ability to track results and to improve on the campaigns and search engine optimisation strategies. Underperforming pages and keywords need to be identified, adjusted or replaced in order to achieve the optimum results and maximising your Return on Investment (ROI). a

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