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Application Development

It is sometimes difficult to find the applications and software solutions that will slot straight into your business. Either generic “off the shelf” software just does not fit with your unique business requirements, or your business has grown and the line of business software you relied on is starting to creak.

We utilise an agile method for developing and without going into the technical boring bits means we build smalls parts of the system in short iterations which allows us to gather feedback at the end of these small development cycles. This has the benefit of ensuring that projects are staying on track and are meeting your expectations. Using this approach we are able to give our clients constant updates and filter their opinions back into the system, making sure the end result is exactly what they envisaged at the beginning

Using this client centric approach allows us to involve the people who really matter to the project and tapping into an extremely important and underused resource....your company and its people!

We have built many applications ranging from small order integration solutions to large applications that are used by our clients to underpin their business so we have a ton of experience and we are waiting to help you. Our coders love developing, and they also love solving our clients’ business problems through easy to use and specific software solutions, so if you have some ideas you want to discuss, please get in touch.

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