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Wildgoose Treasure Hunts

1. The Brief

Wildgoose needed wanted to freshen up there website with a new design and better back office administration. We were on hand to deliver using our preferred CMS solution sitefinity with some specific custom development to make sure Wildgoose had all the tools to showcase their great treasure hunt products. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was a key concern so we had to make sure that the new website catered for all of the Wildgoose SEO requirements but also maintained the current level of success generated by their existing website.

2. The Solution

Utilising the Sitefinity CMS system, we were able to quickly define the look, feel and structure of the site via the creation of templates, style and pages. In addition to the pre existing feature set we built custom product and locations management screens within the CMS administration. This gave the Wildgoose website editors a more structured approach to managing content as both general CMS pages and product administration we combined into the same system.

The Search Engine Optimisation requirements were already catered for out of the box by the CMS which gave full control to header, Meta and page content for every page implemented. In addition to the built in SEO features of Sitefinity, we ensured that existing rankings were maintained by creating a dynamic 301 redirect, intercepting the old website URLs and mapping them to their new addresses.

3. The Result

The Wildgoose website has had many rave reviews since release; it has even been put forward for an award! Everyone at Wildgoose is delighted with their new website, not only has it improved greatly upon its predecessor but Wildgoose are safe in the knowledge that the system will be able to grow as their business does. The site has only been released a short while, but it has already seen an increase of enquiries, including one for an event for 2900 people!

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