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Harbrine Website

Harbrine Website

1. The Brief

Harbrine are one of the leading architectural ironmongery companies in the south east of England, providing high end ironmongery solutions to architects and contractors. Being an advocate for technology within an industry that is notoriously old fashioned, Harbrine wanted to create a website that showcased their products but also allowed customers to have live information regarding their personal Harbrine account so that they could view invoices, debtor information and quotes via a secure online interface.

The key requirement for this development was the management of data. Although Harbrine were happy to manage web content online, such as projects and general information they wanted to leave the product and account information management to their internal accountancy application.

2. The Solution

A fully bespoke Content Management System (CMS) was created to allow Harbrine to manage the website content internally. Specific areas were set up to give editors the ability to easily update content and to have their changes appear on the site instantly. Products and account information where managed within Harbrine’s accountancy application and an advanced integration routine was created in order to continually update the live website with any changes made offline.

Client access to account information was facilitated by a My Harbrine secure area, accessible via login. Although any visitor can create a My Harbrine account and interact with the site via features such as favourite products, Harbrine retain control of which users have access to account information and this is controlled via the site administration, ensuring that only authorised users that have the approval of Harbrine are given access to sensitive information.

3. The Result

Harbrine now has a website that truly is a leader in the field of architectural ironmongery, as no other company offers so much detail about their products or advanced functionality such as the account information access. The site is intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring visitors are able to find the products and services they need in a site that contains a large amount of information.

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