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Global Brand Alliance Website

1. The Brief

The Global Brand Alliance (GBA) is a joint venture between the Sign Service Group and Think Global Projects to facilitate the implementation of large scale global rebrand projects via their extensive network of brand implementation specialists located around the world. GBA needed a website to showcase all their services to potential customers. The site needed to be SEO friendly and manageable by an internal team of editors who did not have extensive HTML skills.

2. The Solution

We provided a simple bespoke Content Management Solution (CMS) that allowed GBA to administer their own website content quickly and efficiently. Independent sections where created to minimise the required html knowledge for editors ensuring that content was both easy and quick to update. The website was built by utilising web standards which ensured it was SEO friendly by design enabling us to add effective SEO to site easily.

3. The Result

The Global Brand Alliance now has a website to showcase their services to potential clients who require the services of a truly global brand implementation company. Additionally, because the website is fully updatable the website is kept current and up to date ensuring the content changes with the company. Search engine optimisation is ongoing for the GBA website but results continue to climb with good results in a very competitive sector.

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